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Julie Cleveland
Photo: Brendan Pike

On a break from graduate school in 1988, I taught my first lessons in a tiny guitar shop in Saratoga Springs in upstate New York. In 1990, I moved back home to Gloucester and founded the Cape Ann Piano Studio. Since then I have been wholly dedicated to teaching children and adults how to play the piano. My goal as a teacher is to instill in my students a lifelong love of music; I want them to enjoy the gift of being able to play music their entire lives. Learning to play the piano—like any musical instrument—is a challenging and rewarding life experience. In every lesson I strive to nurture the growth and development of each student’s individual creativity and discoveries at the piano.


Currently, I am not taking any more students. Please contact me if you would like to be put on my waiting list. All lessons continue online. See below for contact info. Thank you!

All of my teaching for all students has moved to online lessons via Zoom.
During these trying and uncertain times, young people outside of school may need more activities, especially in music. They may not be able to do chorus or band. Learning to play the piano will not only help them; it may help your whole family to cope to hear your student playing. If you haven’t already seen the video (see below) of the Italian people singing together from their balconies when the pandemic first hit last March, it is truly inspiring and moving and shows how the power and joy of music keeps us all connected.

Please contact me here via email to learn more about my online lessons for your child. My program of teaching piano remotely includes synchronous and as well as asynchronous teaching (back-and-forth videos so less Zoom time). Stay tuned for an introduction video on how my program works.
I, like many schools, am still working out the details of my remote-learning program for piano instruction for the school year. I must first get all of my current students settled into their schedule for the fall.
But please feel free to contact me via my Contact page in the meantime.
Be well and stay safe,
-Julie Cleveland


COVID-19 Update/Aug. 21, 2020
My piano lessons are still remote as well for adult students.
Please contact me here and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.

Is wanting to return to the piano or learning to play piano now on your bucket list? Read below and click here to see how I work with adult students.


Considering lessons for your child?
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Spring Quarter 2020 begins next week; time slots are still available.

Contact me about signing up your child for lessons.

What I bring to each lesson is

  • patience and encouragement
  • keen knowledge of repertoire, including classical, jazz, and popular styles
  • enthusiasm and a sense of humor
  • a lifelong passion and devotion to my profession as a teacher, mentor, coach for all my students, young, and the young at heart.

My goal as your child’s piano teacher is a rewarding and enjoyable experience learning to play the piano!
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Click here for reviews from parents, students, and teachers about my program.

A student performs at last spring’s recital.

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About Julie Cleveland
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Piano Lesson FAQ

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Adult Learners
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A recent review from a current adult student:

“I have taught high school, college and graduate school so have been through the wringer many times. The whole game is getting into the mind of your students to understand their source of confusion and how to break out of the circle. Julie Cleveland did that with me at our last lesson by understanding where I was coming from and why that was the wrong starting point. Highly analytical, she was able to point out why my previous practice pattern was not working and what to do instead.  Example of very valuable teaching, not about just music, but about thought process and motivation skills.”

The Cape Ann Piano Studio is located just 2 minutes from Exit 14 heading north to Gloucester on Route 133 (Essex Avenue). The studio is convenient to Gloucester, Essex, Manchester, and Rockport.

Learning to play the piano is both fun and hard.

Learning to play the piano—any musical instrument—is both challenging, and rewarding. Believe me, I know what it’s like to learn how to play the piano. How to make it “fun”? Practice. Consistent practice leads to success, and one small success leads to another. There’s such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment, and pride of achievement when a student has learned a piece of music, be it Old MacDonald or Beethoven’s Für Elise. And it doesn’t have to be “perfect.” For all students learning to play piano, ultimately, it’s the joy from expressing oneself through music, that’s where the “fun” comes in.

One of Julie Cleveland’s students performing last spring at a Shalin Liu concert