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Julie Cleveland, M.Mus., New England Conservatory of Music

Julie Cleveland offers a whole-music education including piano instruction, lessons in composition, improvisation, ear training, for both children and adult learners of all ages.

Learning to play the piano, for both young and old, is a challenging yet greatly rewarding life experience. In every lesson my goal as teacher and mentor is to not only nurture the growth and development of not just pianists, but well-rounded musicians, but to fully support each student’s individual creativity, personal discoveries, and real joy at the piano.

Julie Cleveland has been teaching piano and music education privately since 1988. With nearly 30 years of teaching experience under her belt, she brings to every lesson encouragement and patience, as well as her vast knowledge of repertoire, including classical, jazz, and popular. Her style is nurturing and goal-oriented; she is an expert at guiding each individual student’s progress geared to that student. She teaches with enthusiasm and a sense of humor both; she is passionate and devoted to her profession as a teacher of piano, and music education, for all students, young and old, beginners and advanced.

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The Cape Ann Piano Studio is located in downtown Gloucester, MA, just off Grant Circle (first rotary entering Gloucester on 128N), and is only 10 minutes from downtown Manchester, Essex, and Rockport.


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Winter 2016 Quarter Began Tues., Dec 5 – Very Limited Openings
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North Shore Piano Teachers’ Guild Shalin Liu Piano Recitals: Four of Miss Julie’s students played in the 2:30 pm recital Sunday, April 3, at the Shalin Liu Performance Center in Rockport:

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Who can learn to play the piano? Anyone.


I love what Karen Berger (a great blog for parents, students, others BTW) says in her blog post regarding the truth about piano lessons: it’s not all about having “talent.” (If you’re an adult and you’re thinking of starting to learn piano, or come back to piano, read this! If you’re a parent, and considering piano lessons for your child, read this!)
I agree with Ms. Berger 100%! Sure, as she says, talent helps, but it’s really all about hard work, work that pays off in so many ways. Talent, schmalent! Who cares? The bottom line is that anyone, anyone, can play the piano, at any age. Sure, we’re not all brilliant pianists, of course not, but is that the point? We all can make music. And making music brings joy. Joy in a profound way, hard to explain, wonderful to experience. Making music on any level—expressing yourself creatively and emotionally—is a gift you give to yourself, and to others.
I’ve been playing for over 40 years, and I still can’t wait to get to the piano. I enjoy the process of figuring out a new piece, and working it until it’s right, which of course it’s never right! And I’m like all of you—I still have times when I’m frustrated that I can’t “get” a passage of music right away, but I know the techniques to help you get there, and I do, and I want to teach each and every one of all of my students to do this as well: to be able to play any piece of music they want to, no matter how difficult. That’s my goal as a teacher, and mentor, to guide all of my students on their journey of learning to play the piano.

Learning to play the piano is both fun and hard.


Learning to play the piano is hard and fun. And there’s nothing wrong with combining these two things! If you’re a parent, you want a piano teacher for your child who both understands how hard it is to learn to play a musical instrument and is capable of making that happen while keeping it “fun.” How do I make it “fun”? A passion for music, and for teaching it, a great sense of humor, a nurturing style, and an honest connection with all of my students. I make kids work—so that they can have “fun” at the piano. Some adult students enjoy playing at piano soirée evenings (which I offer); others just want to be able to play the piano for themselves or family members at home. It’s all good. 🙂

Julie Cleveland, M.Mus., New England Conservatory of Music
Active Member:
Music Teachers National Association (MTNA)
Massachusetts Music Teachers Association (MMTA)
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