Winter Quarter Practice Contest!

Cape Ann Piano Studio
Winter Quarter 2013
Practice Contest (K–5)

Contest Rules

Students must practice at least 30 minutes 5 days a week minimum to be able to receive a prize from the bench and a star on the practice contest chart in the studio. The minutes must be written into the boxes in the charts (not just checkmarks). If you miss one of your days, you can make the time up on other days in that same week. No exceptions!

Students must have their practice time sheets initialed by a parent, or they will not receive credit for their practice time that week or a prize from the bench. Parents, please make sure you initial the sheets—just put your initials at the end of the row of times for that week—this is how I know the practicing has really been done!

Extra points can be earned by doing the following:

Extra practice time: 5 points for every extra 30 minutes of practice in a week

Extra theory pages completed: 5 points, each extra page beyond assigned pages (5 points demerit for each assigned page NOT done!)

Memorizing a piece of assigned music: 5 points each piece

Writing a brief 3-sentence paragraph about a famous composer (I’ll provide list to choose from!): 10 points

Listen to a famous composer’s piece of music (parents must sign off that listening was done): 10 points

Attend a live music concert: 30 points

Other: points assigned for special activities, per student!


Grand Prize (highest total amount of points PLUS greatest number of weeks completed on chart)

1st Place (2nd highest total of points PLUS greatest number of weeks completed on chart)

Honorable Mention (3rd highest total of points PLUS greatest number of weeks completed on chart)

Prizes will be awarded at the Spring Recital (date TBD) – Good luck, everyone!! 🙂 -Miss Julie

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