Six Benefits of Music Lessons for Children

I’m reposting this article, given to me by one of my students, enjoy!

Six Benefits of Music Lessons for Children

by ANGIEK on FEBRUARY 5, 2013

As a life long lover of music, it was an easy decision to make to set aside money every month for each of our children to take some type of music lessons. While I wouldn’t want to add up what that has meant that we’ve spent on those lessons over the last several years, I would venture a guess that I would still say that it has been worth it to hear beautiful piano and cello music around our home.While our personal enjoyment of hearing the music is certainly a benefit of the children taking lessons, there are also many other wonderful benefits for them.

Six Benefits of Music Lessons for Children:

1. Studying music can be an extra history lesson.

Given the right music teacher, there will inevitably be discussions about where the music came from, the setting under which it was written, or more information about the particular composer. My son that is extremely interested in history will often tell us all about the background of the music, and how it came to be because his teacher knows that is something that sparks his interest in the music.

2. Learning to play is a lesson in perseverance.

For anyone that has ever learned an instrument, you will well know how much perseverance is required to even get to the point where you can play one song that someone can recognize, much less to actually become proficient at your chosen instrument. It’s good for character growth to have to sometimes struggle to meet a goal.

3. Playing music can instill a sense of pride.

Once a child can play their instrument, even if it’s just one song, they are able to feel a real sense of accomplishment. This is also a great chance for character building.

4. Learning an instrument can offer a chance for individuality.

With homeschoolers often studying some of the same subjects and doing many of the same projects, taking music lessons can offer them a chance for individuality, as long as they are given a chance to choose their own instrument. At our house, each child was able to choose their own, even if it meant that my middle child wasn’t well suited for his instrument of choice and then moved onto a different one.

5. Music lessons are an opportunity for responsibility.

I have taken what might be an unconventional approach to music lessons in our home. I make sure that the kids practice each day because I write it in their assignment book. However, beyond that, it is all their responsibility. They are the ones that make sure they have practiced the right pieces, and that they are doing everything they should be doing.

It has happened that this approach has been a chance for them to learn. For example, just this week at cello lessons, we found out that while my daughter had been practicing all week, she hadn’t been practicing newer pieces. Instead of following the notebook that her teacher wrote in for her, she had just been trying to remember what to play. After a very kind talking from her teacher, I suspect that my daughter will always remember to check the notebook before practicing each day.

6. Lessons can increase music appreciation.

If my children take nothing else away from music lessons than an appreciation for the beauty and joy of music, then that will be worth it to me.  In a busy, electronic world, it’s nice to take time to enjoy some of the beautiful things, like music.

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