Spring Practice Contest Announced: Practicing for Elephants!

Winter Quarter Practice Incentive Contest
This week I’m collecting the practice sheets and the memorization sheets to do a final tally for the Winter Quarter contest (grades K-5). Please make sure both are in the binders and times are all signed off!
(Mon/Tue students are all set. I have yours.)
The prizes/awards for this contest will be given at the Annual Spring Recital (date TBD; probably either the first or second weekend in June—in fact, if you KNOW NOW that you have a conflict with one of these two weekends, now is a good time to let me know, thanks!, as I’d like to have 100% participation!)
I still expect all my students to practice!! These contests have been a very good incentives; until the new contest (see below) gets going, students maintaining at least 30 min a day, 5 days a week, still get a bench prize!
Spring Quarter Practice Incentive Contest – all ages are encouraged to participate! (K-12)
The next event is our Practice for Elephants contest. Info on this charity contest (adopting an orphaned baby elephant in Kenya! to help save them, see website: https://www.sheldrickwildlifetrust.org) will be coming later this week, hopefully by Friday. Basically, the kids will practice for pennies, 2 cents per minute, with sponsors (parent, grandparent, friend of family, older sibling, etc.). We’ll get going soon, and the contest will run from 4–6 lesson weeks.
I’ve decided it’s a good idea for the students to do one contest per school year that is not just “materialistically” motivated and that helps others, animals, etc. This is a very good cause that I think students of all ages will appreciate. Also there is the tie-in that ivory used to be in the manufacture of piano keys (some of the kids may not even know this!), and now of course it’s illegal to use ivory for anything.
—Miss Julie

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