Great Music Apps for Learning on iPad/Android

Here’s just a few of  the apps I’ve found and downloaded so far on my own iPad – as I find more, I’ll let you know. (I’ve put these over on my Resources page, too.) These apps are for iPad, but I’ve also added ones I’ve found for Android, which have been recommended by fellow piano instructors; I just haven’t tested them myself. If anyone with Android in my studio would like to test them out and share with me so I can share them here, that would be great!

All of these apps aid in music learning at the piano, and are good for both young and old (I’ve broken it down below). The categories include:

  • note reading/identification
  • rhythm training
  • ear training
  • sightreading

Virtuoso Piano Free 3 – Not a learning app necessarily, but a piano at hand, great for doing theory assignments away from the piano (in the olden days, we had cardboard cutouts and had to imagine the sounds in our heads!)

iPad – Young Learners

Music for Little Mozarts – This app is great for very young learners, plus it has Mozart Mouse and Beethoven Bear!

Note Reading/Identification

Note Squish – Whack-a-mole for note reading/identification!

NoteWorks – Note reading, great game for kids.

Rhythm Training

Seuss Band – Great for learning to play on the beat, and the songs are great. Check it out! (I LOVE this one, addictive!)

Rhythm Cat – Excellent app for rhythm training (playing on the beat)

Ear Training

Blog Chorus – Ear training, a totally silly game for kids, but fun!

Everything Training

Tenuto – Comprehensive, covers all drills in music, better for older kids (8 and up) and adults

iPad – Older Learners/Adults

Tenuto – These same drills in app are also at their website.

Scales & Modes – Comprehensive app for all scales and modes, including quizzes of scales, and beautiful GUI! (parchment paper rocks). Only downfall: melodic minor scales are for some reason not included (thinking cos maybe there are different notes going up and down).

Nota for iPad – Comprehensive library for the lookup of all scales/chords, and more.

ForScore – This sight-reading app looks excellent, it’s for more advanced pianists, created by music professors at Peabody Conservatory of Music. If anyone would like to beta-test it for me, I’d appreciate it (I’m an iOS 6 stalwart on my iPad, not ready to go to iOS 7…)


  • Red the Music Reader
  • Rhythm Sheep
  • Music Tutor Sight Read
  • Treble Cat / Bass Cat

2 thoughts on “Great Music Apps for Learning on iPad/Android

    • Thanks Zac, for sharing my post, I hope some of the apps here will help your students, sorry for late reply, for some reason I don’t get notifications of commenters who aren’t followers, going to figure it out now! Again, thanks for the share!


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