The Genius of Bernard Herrmann

This morning I worked on picking out Halloween music for the kids to play.

While going through score excerpts of Psycho by the brilliant film composer Bernard Herrmann—don’t worry, I don’t tell the kids to watch the movie to appreciate the awesome scary music they can play from it!—I came across this piano solo arrangement of “Scene d’Amour” from Vertigo, also of course by Herrmann.
Yes, I downloaded it immediately!

See below this video for videos of the major themes from Psycho, all absolutely astounding. Happy I found some decent easy versions of them for piano for the kids to play. (Click here for more about Bernard Herrmann.)
And, just an aside: of course it’s difficult to make music written for strings sound at all right on piano (Psycho score is for string orchestra) but these are so luscious who can resist?

Themes from the movie that I found for piano (on

The Cellar (absolutely the creepiest):

My personal fav—
The City

This was not on unfortunately:
Most beautiful, wish this had been there, if anyone has piano score, I’d love it (I do have an excerpt of it here in a book on film music):


Full playlist here:




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