To my loyal blog post readers who subscribe, and never get posts from me because I start drafts and then don’t finish them, then Wow!, Julie has written a blog post! Well, the last post–“Do we need a piano?”–was not done, yes, what you saw, that crazy stuff, with misspellings, etc., it was in draft form, so if it seemed a bit out of order and “unfinished” it was just that! In this day and age of technology it easily happens–you hit one button when you meant to hit the other!
So embarrassing …
However, there is an upside: Send me your feedback on the draft if you like. As you can see it’s a subject I am passionate about! And I will get it done soon and publish when finished!
Below, nothing to do with post. But a wonderfully cute Christmas card I got this year from one of my third-grade students.

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