Piano Tuner/Technicians I Recommend Exclusively:

Yun Swanson, RPT, Gloucester MA
(978) 810-5410

Ben Webster, RPT, Gloucester MA
(978) 764-8833

Buying a Piano

The Piano Book – Larry Fine

How to Care for Your Piano –


Here’s some great videos from YouTube on:

Music Theory

Updates coming soon!

Exercises for Sight Reading –

Listening to Music:
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Other Music Stuff

How playing an instrument benefits your brain – TED Talk

The Truth About Piano Lessons – Karen Berger, Karen Berger Piano


Reading List:

Books about the experience of learning to play the piano that I love! Memoirs and Fiction:
The Piano Shop on the Left Bank, by Thad Carhart
Piano Lessons, by Noah Adams
Body and Soul, by Frank Conroy

On Listening to Music:
Best book, ever:
How to Listen to Music, by Aaron Copland

Many more resources coming soon! Stay tuned.