The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life

This 38-minute short film is about Alice-Herz Sommer, who was the world’s oldest Holocaust survivor as well as the world’s oldest pianist, who just passed away last week, on February 23, at the age of 110 years old. It is very inspiring and moving, a must-see for all pianists, of any age, all musicians, all humans!!

From the producer, Nick Reed:
“The Lady in Number 6” is one of the most inspirational, uplifting stories of the year. 109 years old, Alice-Herz Sommer, the world’s oldest pianist and oldest Holocaust survivor in the world shares her views on how to live a long and happy life. She discusses the importance of music, laughter and having an optimistic outlook on life. Watching this film will literally show you how to live longer and happier! Guaranteed.

“Music is in the first place of art. It brings us on an island with peace, beauty, and love.”
—Alice Herz-Sommer, The Lady in Number 6

Here’s the official trailer for this film, which incidentally has been nominated for an Oscar for Best Documentary Short. You can rent it for five bucks and watch on your computer.

Mrs. Herz-Sommer swam regularly and practiced several hours a day on her upright Steinway. When she lost the use of two fingers, she continued playing with the other eight, simply altering the fingering.
—Article from the Washington Post