Practice for Elephants Contest begins this week!

Kids, young and old!

Practice for Elephants Contest begins this week. We’ll practice for 5 weeks, me included!, and the money we raise—2 cents for every minute—will help to adopt an orphaned baby elephant in Africa.

I’ve put the link below to the program, and will have your practice charts and info sheets in the studio this week!

Here is the website to follow yourself at home!


Bench Prize Practice Contest!

Kids! You might win a grand prize at the end of the contest!

The contest begins next week Week of Monday, Oct. 8: Monday kids: even though you don’t have a lesson because of Columbus Day, I’ll still check your practice sheets on the following week, so don’t take a break from practicing! 🙂

Weekly: Each week, if you have earned a bench prize you’ll get a star  in the week next to your name. At the end of the contest (end of Fall Quarter) a grand prize will be given out at the Holiday Piano Party to the student with the most stars! Good luck!

(The numbers below indicate the lesson week we’re in in our Fall Quarter.)