Composer Bio: Marcel Laisné, by one of my young students!

Here’s a composer bio that one of my students wrote on a very obscure composer, Marcel Laisné.

I stumbled across a xerox of a piece of his called “Pastorale” floating around my studio during a recent clean-out. (A young student had brought it in to learn maybe 20 years ago??) Now Adelaide, a 5th grader, is learning it. I asked her to write a paragraph on Laisné (because frankly I knew zilch about him, and it’s pretty hard finding out anything about him: check out one of the sites she visited, see screenshot below!).

Now I know more about who this composer is, thanks to her hard work and research!! 🙂

(And if you’re reading this, and can add more info for me and my students, especially on where to find his miniature piano pieces, it’s greatly appreciated!!)