“Movement Fun” CD for Young Children Now Available!

This is a terrific collection of songs for young children, ages 3+, composed by local musician, Inge Berge, of Gloucester.
My personal fav’s include “Crazy Tiptoe Song,” “Walk Round and Round the Circle,” and the best of all, “Baby Snakes”!

Learn to Dance & Dance to Learn!

Activities involving both music and movement can be helpful for children to develop physically, cognitively, and emotionally. This album combines various musical styles with developmentally appropriate activities such as loco-motor activities, crossing the midline, body part identification, and self-expression to name a few. Rock out to these songs in a gym, classroom, or at home!

CD includes:

  • 12 Instructional Dance Tracks
  • 2 Songs using a Playchute (Parachute)
  • Bonus Track: Baby Snakes
  • 12 Fun Instrumental Songs
  • Booklet with Instructions & Lyrics
  • Psychologist Testimonial

Click here to listen to tracks, and to purchase the CD, direct from the artist!