“Boston Strong” written by Inge Berge, sung by Blaine Stevens

Boston Strong, words and music by my friend, Inge Berge. (Video by my lil ole Flip camera!! So proud). Sung by the very talented Blaine Stevens.

Go Boston, the city of my birth!!

Boston Strong, Boston Strong
They tried to crush the place where we belong
Boston Strong, Boston Strong
We all run together, Boston Strong

Election Day Sign-Up Special for Residents of Cape Ann!

Sign up now for the Winter Quarter (12-week quarter begins Monday, Dec. 10th) and get 25% off your Winter Quarter tuition payment! Must sign up by close of polls tomorrow to get the discount, and mention that you saw this ad on GoodMorningGloucester.com.  This offer is for new students only! Discount is off of full payment only.

Cape Ann Piano Studio, Gloucester, MA.
Halloween Piano Party, Pleasant St Music Studio and Cape Ann Piano Studio, Oct. 28, 2012

Pictures from the Halloween Piano Party!

Great party, kids! All of my students and all of Ms. Alex’s students did such a wonderful job, and your costumes were awesome!


Bench Prize Practice Contest!

Kids! You might win a grand prize at the end of the contest!

The contest begins next week Week of Monday, Oct. 8: Monday kids: even though you don’t have a lesson because of Columbus Day, I’ll still check your practice sheets on the following week, so don’t take a break from practicing! 🙂

Weekly: Each week, if you have earned a bench prize you’ll get a star  in the week next to your name. At the end of the contest (end of Fall Quarter) a grand prize will be given out at the Holiday Piano Party to the student with the most stars! Good luck!

(The numbers below indicate the lesson week we’re in in our Fall Quarter.)

Bench Prizes for Practice

Starting this week, piano practice bench prizes!

For every week in which practice is done for the practice goal (weekly and daily), students will receive a prize from the piano bench!

I’ll keep a tally on the bulletin board of weeks earned by students; at the end of the quarter there will be a grand prize for the student with the most earned practice minutes!