First Look @ “Street Pianos Boston” Which Begins Tomorrow!

I’m so excited about this art/”sound” installation; 75 pianos painted by local artists will be placed on the streets of Boston, Cambridge, Somerville and other Boston area neighborhoods for absolutely anyone  to play! All the pianos hit the streets tomorrow, Friday, September 27. Here’s the map, with a lot of pianos already in their locations; click on the icons to see the piano and its location!

Field Trip Anyone??

One mom and her son from my studio are already on board to go to this event with me, we were thinking it would be fun to have other students/parents join us, and either taking the train in from Gloucester station, or all piling into a mini van/SUV.

So parents, if you’re interested, contact me so we can plan a mutually convenient date (Sat/Sun); the event runs from Sep 27 through October 14. Adult students, please join us too! And any other friends too! 🙂 Can’t wait, it’s going to be a great piano adventure.

Here’s some pics of some of the pianos out already:

This one's in Boston Common!
This one’s in Boston Common!
And here's the one in front of Berklee College of Music.
And here’s the one in front of Berklee College of Music.
And can you guess where this one is? ;-)
And can you guess where this one is? 😉

Play Me, I’m Yours – The Boston Street Piano Festival includes FAQs on where the pianos will be located (coming out tomorrow) and how you can nominate pianos to be donated to worthy causes.

Street Pianos Boston Coming Next Week

Street Pianos Boston will be in town from Sep 27 through Oct 14. I’ll be going in to play them, if anyone would like to join me—students? 😉 —I’d love to have you come along!

Here’s a video from the Street Pianos event held in London, with an interview of the artist who created this event, Luke Jerram. I especially love the guy singing and playing at the end!

Play Me, I’m Yours – The Boston Street Piano Festival includes FAQs on where the pianos will be located (coming out next week) and how you can nominate pianos to be donated to worthy causes.

“First Days of Fall” Piano Lesson Special!

Sign up for 4 free trial piano lessons with Julie Cleveland!

Limited Time Only! Trial Lesson Period: September 30 – October 26 only.

Trial is available for kids, teens, and adult learners.
Four weekly* 30-minute or 45-minute lessons.
Lessons must be taken in four consecutive weeks.

Timeslots Available for Trial:
Currently, there is only one 30-minute-lesson trial lesson period timeslot left, which is for ages 5–7 (K–2) only.
Limited 45-minute lesson timeslots available for the trial lesson period; 45-minute lessons are required for ages 8 through adult.

Acceptance into the trial lesson period is contingent on initial interview to determine whether the student and teacher are a good fit.
One book for young learners will be required, and is available for sale in the studio at the first lesson.
If continuing after the trial period, students can choose from timeslots that are still available; those timeslots may not necessarily include the timeslot the student is currently in for the trial.

Contact Julie Cleveland here for more info about the First Days of Fall Special!


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Free Music Notation Software!

Adult Students and Parents of Young Students!

A great, free, music notation program that students can use to write their own compositions is Finale Notepad.

This example is of an advanced score, but can be used to do even the simplest notations. Here’s an example of notation below, for both computer and iPad:



And here’s a cool music notation app for those of you on iPad (can also be used on a desktop):

Notion for iPad

This one I don’t know anything about! But worth checking out:


Welcome to the Cape Ann Piano Studio!

A 2.5 minute promo video, produced by Brendan Pike (, for my piano teaching studio in Gloucester, MA. Thank you so much to my students, parents, and Brendan! 🙂

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