“First Days of Fall” Piano Lesson Special!

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Limited Time Only! Trial Lesson Period: September 30 – October 26 only.

Trial is available for kids, teens, and adult learners.
Four weekly* 30-minute or 45-minute lessons.
Lessons must be taken in four consecutive weeks.

Timeslots Available for Trial:
Currently, there is only one 30-minute-lesson trial lesson period timeslot left, which is for ages 5–7 (K–2) only.
Limited 45-minute lesson timeslots available for the trial lesson period; 45-minute lessons are required for ages 8 through adult.

Acceptance into the trial lesson period is contingent on initial interview to determine whether the student and teacher are a good fit.
One book for young learners will be required, and is available for sale in the studio at the first lesson.
If continuing after the trial period, students can choose from timeslots that are still available; those timeslots may not necessarily include the timeslot the student is currently in for the trial.

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Seniors, it’s never too late to start…

The other day I was in my local drugstore, Conley’s (family owned!), picking up some stuff for my mom. One of the ladies that works there, greeted me with her usual, “Hi Jul!” and we got to chatting. She didn’t know I was a piano teacher. As soon as she did, and this happens a lot, she launched into her own story about lessons when she was a kid. She told me she had lessons over at the convent, and the nuns would whack her hands every time she hit a wrong note.

If I had a buck for every time I’ve heard this story, well, I could buy myself a really nice cocktail dress! Makes me sad every time I hear it. And then yesterday a nice gentleman came to my studio for his first lesson with me. He’s a senior, already an accomplished trumpet player, but has struggled to learn piano for 20 years and yet has never given up. His story moved me, and in places, saddened me: his last two piano teachers were not exactly kind, understanding, or encouraging. My hope is that I can get him where he wants to be, what his goal is—able to open a book of music and play anything inside. And I’m not interested in getting him to a place in which I think it should be played—which is the approach of many teachers—but that he plays to his satisfaction, not mine.

Music has meaning in our lives whenever we play, whether we are any “good” at it or not. After 43 years of heading to the piano to play or practice, I still get excited heading over. When I sit down in front of the keys, it’s like I’m home, and sitting down with a really good friend. 🙂

I’m adding this link to my site and posting it here: these are wonderful books of beginning music—I use these most often in my studio with beginning adult learners—and are great for seniors either just starting out at, or returning to—sometimes after decades of being away—the piano. You can download examples of the music in Ms. Perez’s books, as well as mp3 files to play along with.

Musical Moments – Recreational Music Making


Article about CAPS @ NorthShoreKid.com!

A great resource for all things kids and families.
Thank you Kelly O’Conner! for the write-up about my teaching studio on your terrific website.

Piano Lessons for North Shore Children


Cape Ann Piano Studio featured on GoodMorningGloucester blog!

Check out my listing today on the GoodMorningGloucester blog:

Julie Cleveland Teaches Piano and Would Like Your Business

9-Year-Old Student Playing Philip Glass Improv

Recently, in a lesson, one of my young students came in and played me her version of part of the Philip Glass score to Koyaanisqatsi, Life Out of Balance. Listen to how well she interpreted the score by clicking on the video link below hers (starting at 0:27 through 1:05). Well done, AN!

Welcome to the Cape Ann Piano Studio!

A 2.5 minute promo video, produced by Brendan Pike (www.brendanpikefilms.com), for my piano teaching studio in Gloucester, MA. Thank you so much to my students, parents, and Brendan! 🙂

Fall Quarter Practice Contest Results

Congrats to the winners of the Fall Quarter Practice Contest, there was so much practicing going on, we had four 1st place winners, three 2nd place winners, and one 3rd place winner!

The next contest begins in January, and the rules will be slightly different (more challenging practice goals) and I am adding a points system, so that the contest will be even more competitive!! Stay tuned. 😉
—Miss Julie

Contest results.

Holiday Piano Party a Great Success!

Wow, what a wonderful party, thank you Al and Molly M. for a great Holiday Piano and Pizza party for the kids to share their holiday songs and for all of us to meet together. Here’s a couple of performances here:

From my YouTube channel:
Waltz of the Flowers
Angels We Have Heard on High

Pizza and cupcakes after the performances!
The beautiful Christmas tree!

Holiday Special at Cape Ann Piano!

Support local small business this holiday season!!

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Winter Quarter – Young Students: 12-lesson Winter Quarter begins Monday, December 10. Discount of 25% off applies to full quarter (or to pro-rated quarter, if starting after the week of Dec. 10). Click here for more info.

Quarter – Adult Students: 10-lesson Quarters, sign up anytime. Click here for more info.

Gift Certificates Also Available!

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Holiday Piano Party on Dec. 8th!

Come Play Your Christmas Songs and Eat Some Pizza Too!

The Cape Ann Piano Studio Holiday Piano Party will be on Saturday, December 8, from 4-6 pm, graciously hosted at the home of the Martins family, in Wenham. Pizza and treats, and Christmas music galore. The grand prize for the practice contest will also be awarded!!
Please RSVP to Julie by Monday, December 3rd. It’s going to be a great time!! Details will also be emailed to all of my parents. 🙂