Summer Piano Lessons: A Break or a Time for Fun?

A fellow piano teacher, and terrific blogger, Karen Berger wrote this post on Summer Piano Lessons. It’s  a great, quick read for parents—anyone—and a good explanation of how we music teachers feel, too. All this week, I’ve been asking my students what they’d like to do this summer, to change it up, and do some projects we might not get to during the school year, and I’ll be having fun teaching them, between trips to Wingaersheek and Good Harbor, of course. 🙂

Karen’s article:

Summer Music Lessons? Yea or Nay?

Me playing at an outdoor concert a long time ago:

Rockport Acoustic Festival 1989.
Rockport Acoustic Festival 1989. (Ignore horrible posture.)


Wingasheek in Glosta.
Wingasheek in Glosta. My fav.

Summer Quarter 2013 Info Is Ready!

Parents/New Students:

Forms for Summer Quarter 2013, including calendar, tuition, and lesson scheduling, are up and ready to download.
Please fill out the Lesson Scheduling Form and return to me as soon as you know your summer schedule.
Please click here for the page with the forms.